YUKON also boasts one of the largest collections of Exotic Woods in the Mid-Atlantic region. Turn a pen or craft an heirloom, our Exotics are especially selected to highlight your unique requirements. 




BUBINGA (Guibourtia demeusei) - Dense and figured, for fine furniture making. 

BUBINGA, POMMELE - Highly figured Bubinga. Prized by those lucky enough to find it.

CHAKTE COC (Sickingia salvadorensis) - A beautiful crimson color combined with an active grain pattern make our popular new wood hard to resist.

CHAKTE VIGA (Caesalpinia) - Pumpkin to orange color with nice figured tight grain.

COCOBOLA (Dalbergia retusa) - Very dense, highly figured, used in making musical instruments, jewelry, and turnings.

EBONY, STRIPED (Diospyros celebica) - A dense, hard, black wood with long stripes of dark brown. Gorgeous!

EBONY, GABOON (Diospyros crassiflora) - The blackest of woods with nearly no visible grain.

Great for inlay.

ENGLISH YEW (Taxxus baccata) - Originally used by bowyers, recently rediscovered by woodworkers. Flitch sawn to allow maximum usage of the boards.

LACEWOOD (Platanus Hybrida) - This quartersawn wood from Australia is a favorite among woodworkers for its uniquely distinct pattern of rays.

MAPLE, BIRD'S EYE (Acer spp) - Highly figured, cherished by woodworkers. Bird's eyes come alive when finished.

MAPLE, CURLY (Acer spp) - Beautiful rippled grain, often referred to as "Fiddle Back" maple for its common use as backer boards for stringed instruments.

MAPLE, SPALTED (Acer spp) - The light color of maple with black streaking makes the common uncommon.

PADAUK (Pterocarpus soyauxii) - Hard, stable, brilliant orange color. A jewel from Africa.

PAU AMARILLO  - A dense even grained wood that is bright yellow in color. When splashed with sunlight it offers a visual treat. 

PURPLEHEART (Peltogyne pubescens) - Dense, even textured, deep purple color. One of our most popular woods, and rot-resistant too!

TULIPWOOD (Dalbergia frutescens) - Dense tropical wood that runs from pink to cream in a beautiful swirling grain. A rare gem.

WENGE (Millettia laurentii) - Attractive, grainy brown and black wood gaining rapidly in popularity.

ZEBRAWOOD (Microberlinia brazzavillensis) - Rift cut to accentuate highly contrasting growth rings of cream and dark brown colors. Artists and makers of modern pieces love it.


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"An abundance of hardwood with a soft and glowing patina and lavish widths of clear grain."


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